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FS77 Scissor Lift Features:

The Forward FS77 scissor lift is an engineered low profile small package powerhouse. Taking up less space in a shop is always a plus when you're looking for a vehicle lift. Standing 4-1/8 inches tall when fully lowered and using less than 44 square feet of space; this lift can be worked around and over while still providing you with shop clearance and cleanliness. This lift can be installed on existing concrete provided it's adequate for recommended installation, or can be flush mounted for additional clearance. Components of the lift include various metal types to provide high strength, lightweight structure with heavy lifting ability.  Couple the additional features below and you've just found the perfect lift for quick service and reliability. 

Additional Features:

  • Patent pending inverse piston synchronizer manifold system synchronizes the platform's movement.
    • Provides more positive platform equalization than systems with flow dividers, encoders, string pots, or other feedback devices
    • Both platforms stop lowering when one platform is stopped by an obstruction or engaged lock
    • Simple design is easy to install, use and maintain
  • 7,700 lbs. capacity for raising most passenger cars and light trucks.
  • Low 4 1/8" collapsed height accommodates lower clearance vehicles.
  • Reliable, high quality composite bearings reduce required maintenance.
  • Easy to use control panel with 24 volt DC, non-high voltage switches used.
  • Open front and rear with no structural connection between platforms or bases increases work area for technician.
  • Galvanized bottom for corrosion resistance. 
  • Powder coated durable paint finish
  • Hinged ramps fold 65 degrees away allowing clearance for wheel work
    • Locking ramps increase platform pick-up points
    • Ramp rollers protect floors from damage
    • Diamond plate ramps increase drive on traction and maintain rubber block positioning.

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Capacity: 7,700 lbs.

Standard lift colors include blue, red, black and gray.

Capacity7,700 LBS. (3492kg)
Lifting Height78-5/8" (1997mm)
Lowered Height4-1/8" (104mm)
Overall Length85" (2159mm)
Overall Width85" (2159mm)
Runway Width24-3/4" (628mm)
Width Between Platforms23-5/8" (600mm)
Platform Length (Platform Only)59" (1498mm)
Platform with Ramps Length85-1/16" (2160mm)
Ramp Length13" (330mm)
Electrical Power

Single Phase - 4 Hp, 60Hz, 230V

Compressed Air Connection85-110 psi
Time of Full Rise39 seconds


Included Accessories

1/2 inch rubber blocks

Item #FJ2498

  • Set of four 1/2" Flat Polymer Rubber Pad Adapters
1-1/2 inch rubber blocks

Item #FJ2439

  • Set of four 1 1/2" Flat Polymer Rubber Pad Adapters
3 inch rubber blocks

Item #FJ2440

  • Set of four 3" Flat Polymer Rubber Pad Adapters


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