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    A scissor lift opposing arms situated under the platforms of the lift in an “x” fashion. As in the case with the Forward FS77 there are multiple sets of “x’s” sitting on top of each other. The legs of the lift collapse onto and in-between themselves as they travel up and down. When fully lowered the lift is contained under the runways, sometimes called platforms. This gives the shop a clean appearance as there is no posts sticking up into the air as there would be on a four post lift.

    FS77 Homepage | Forward Lift

    FS77 Scissor Lift

    Standing 4-1/8 inches tall when fully lowered and using less than 44 square feet of space; this lift can be worked around and over while still providing you with shop clearance and cleanliness.

    FSA14 Homepage | Forward Lift

    FSA14 Alignment Scissor Lift

    Scissor lift is designed with longer runways to service and perform alignments on a greater variety of vehicles.

    FS14 Homepage | Forward Lift

    FS14 Scissor Lift

    The open front and rear design eliminate bay space obstructions normally seen with four post columns. The scissor style provides greater technician access with true vertical lifting.

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