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CRA14 Four Post Lift Features:

The foundation of a Forward four post lift is the cable and pulley system under the runways. All hydraulics and mechanical lifting components are concealed in this area; tucked out of the way for a clean finish however easily accessible for inspection when needed. Forward Lift offers a durable powder coated hammer tone paint finish on its lifts. Our four post lifts have a multi-position lock component which allows any 4 post lift to be level at any lock position. Self chocking approach ramps and wheel chocks come standard with the CRA14.

Additional Features:

  • 14,000 lbs. capacity
  • Heavy duty hydraulic cylinder
  • Internal airline standard
  • Single Point latch release system
  • One piece formed runway design incorporates rolling jack channels
  • Multiple position latch points in each structural leg
  • Rear wheel slip plates standard

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Shown: CRA14N201Y
Capacity: 14,000 lbs.

Standard lift colors include blue and red.

Capacity14,000 lbs. (6350kg) 14,000 lbs. (6350kg)
Max. Wheelbase182-1/2" (4635mm)<32-1/2">215" (5460mm)
Max. Two Wheel Alignment166-1/4" (4225mm)<33">199-1/4" (5060mm)
Max. Four Wheel Alignment157" (3987.8mm)<15-1/4">172 1/4"" (4375mm)
Min. Four Wheel Alignment88" (2235mm) 88" (2235mm)
Rise80-3/4"(2000mm) 80-3/4"(2000mm)
Length Overall20' 10" (6350mm) 20' 10" (6350mm)
Width Overall10' 11-3/4" (3346mm) 10' 11-3/4" (3346mm)
Inside Columns116-1/4" (2953mm) 116-1/4" (2953mm)
Between Front and Rear Columns195-1/4" (4959mm)<33">228-1/4" (4959mm)
Height of Columns7' 6-1/2" (2281mm) 7' 6-1/2" (2281mm)
Width of Runways20" (508mm) 20" (508mm)
Height of Runways9" (228mm) 9" (228mm)
Width Between Runways43" (1092mm) or 46"(1168mm) 43" (1092mm) or 46"(1168mm)
Time of Full Rise72 seconds 72 seconds
Voltage Single Phase*208v-230v 208v-230v
Motor2HP 2HP
Minimum Bay Size15' x 25' (4572 x 7620mm)<3'> 15' x 28' (4572 x 8534mm)
* single phase standard; 3-phase available at additional cost

Four Post Accessories


Four Post Lift Alignment Kit Forward Lift


Bolt on alignment kit



Four Post Lift Oil Drain Pan


Oil drain pan

991564 30 gallon


Four Post Lift Air Line Kit


Inline air kit



Four Post Lift Radius Gauge


Radius Kit

TT1000 Carbon Steel, TT1001 Stainless Steel


Light Kit


Light Kit



drive on ramps


Drive on Ramps





Rolling Jack


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